We are the event team that breaks all the rules - click through below to see how a typical DPI day unfolds...


          Kathleen Landry, DMCP -  President & CEO

        Kathleen Landry, DMCP - President & CEO

               Burt Hartford -  VP of Operations

             Burt Hartford - VP of Operations

                Adam Wiggin -  General Manager

              Adam Wiggin - General Manager

                     Mai Miller -  Senior Event Manager

                   Mai Miller - Senior Event Manager

                 Kim Wyman -  Content & Marketing Manager

               Kim Wyman - Content & Marketing Manager

                        Dianne Gillis -  Accounting 

                      Dianne Gillis - Accounting 

Mission Statement

       Cara Pratt, DMCP -  VP of Business Development

     Cara Pratt, DMCP - VP of Business Development

  Joe Souza  - Senior Event Manager 

Joe Souza - Senior Event Manager 

                 Laurie Voto -  Creative Content Designer

               Laurie Voto - Creative Content Designer

  Ainsley Onstott -  Director, Event Management 

Ainsley Onstott - Director, Event Management 

                  Rachel Strauss -  Sales Manager

                Rachel Strauss - Sales Manager

                         Karen Smith -  Operations Specialist 

                       Karen Smith - Operations Specialist 

Our mission at DPI Events is to create an incomparable event experience–one where our clients can expect seamless planning and execution of every component of their destination management needs.

We do this by upholding our reputation of exceptional service, which has been refined by our years of combined expertise in both creative and program management. Taking the time to carefully listen to our clients’ goals and objectives and assisting with their needs is our top priority and one that aligns with our goal to continue to build trusted and lasting relationships.


Delivering value is driven by our team approach. That team is made up of experienced professionals who are known for their collaboration, innovation, resourcefulness, and creativity. Working with DPI means you can expect a partner who is an extension of your company that takes pride in every program. No matter the size, 10-10,000, superior service is always our top priority!

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