It’s April and our thoughts are consumed by the warmer weather and brighter days ahead. DPI is busy daydreaming about the stellar upcoming summer outings of 2017. Whether it's department outings, small VIP experiences, or casual company parties, we have fun ideas to share!

Twist on Traditional Clambake

If you’re looking to breakaway from the traditional clambake but still want that authentic experience, change up the look by opting out those red and white checkered linens for luxe blues. Accent with textures, bold colors and fun patterns!

Clambake linens combined.JPG

Rowing Races

We know who's competitive in the office...but who's more ambitious on the water? Bring your company together for an afternoon of spirited team camaraderie and competitive fun. Sip on refreshing local beers during an outdoor clambake and enjoy great conversation as the sun sets over the Charles River.

Interactive Lawn Games

Include a playful cocktail hour for guests and bring in giant versions of everyone’s favorite tabletop games! It’s a fun way to break the ice. Who doesn't like friendly competition and sharing a few laughs? Make it more personalized and incorporate your company logo on the game pieces.

Oyster and Wine Pairing

Coffee might pair well with a donut at your desk, but do you know which type of wine pairs perfectly with oysters? If you have a small intimate group size, this is a first-class option. Take it to the next level and have the activity take place on a boat in the harbor, now that’s a coastal experience!

Summer Glow Festival

Make the city come alive with a company wide outdoor festival in downtown Boston. From food truck facades, to bistro lighting, classic picnic tables, strolling entertainment, and custom glow bars, this summer event will leave your guests glowing, literally!

The time is now for corporate planners to start planning summer events. Let's work together to craft an unforgettable summer experience here in Boston!