It’s Valentine's Day! Team DPI believes there’s no better way to express our love for Boston than through Boston based films. While many people take today to recognize their loved ones, celebrating at romantic spots in cities all over, DPI Events is taking today to show our love for the city we know best, BOSTON. There's so much to love about Boston and therefore it makes our job as Boston Event Planners much easier when promoting all that our city has to offer. From its deeply rooted history, devoted sports fans, wicked strong accents, cultural  foods, to it’s charming urban neighborhoods. We are proud to call “The Hub” our home.

It might not be a New York City or Los Angeles, but Boston has proven time and time again to be a compelling backdrop for movies of all genres. Let’s go behind the scenes to see what Team DPI has to say about their favorite Boston movies!

The Town: 

“My favorite Boston movie is, The Town,” says Kim Wyman, Creative Content and Marketing Manager. “You can’t help but feel proud of actor, director, and Boston native Ben Affleck in this movie. One of my favorite parts of the movie is the scene in Fenway Park, the “Cathedral of Boston”.  It actually reminds me of our “Behind the Scenes Tour” we offer. It’s the part of the movie that best showcases the scenery of Boston, the creative character minds behind the heist, and the underlying message of true friendship.  Also, thanks to Ben Affleck for casting Jeremy Renner, who actually has a believable Boston accent!”

“One of my favorite Boston movies is The Town!” says Michelle Canniff, Event Manager. “When you watch the movie, you can recognize areas of Boston that we get to drive through every day. You can spot the brick houses, Charlestown’s narrow colonial streets, and more! Also, it stars Ben Affleck… need I say more?”

The Social Network:

“The movie the Social Network is by far one of my favorite Boston-based films," says Rachel Strauss, Sales Manager. “Not only do I love seeing our beautiful city on the big screen, but the film sheds an amazing light on the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of the Boston community. It reminds us of all the new ideas, technology, and innovation that this city produces. It’s so inspiring to live in a place that is on the forefront of technological and scientific advances and one that attracts such a diverse population of people that are driven to keep pushing the boundaries in their field. Watch out Silicon Valley – here we come!”

Fever Pitch:

"My Favorite Boston movie is Fever Pitch,” says Alex Barbolla, DPI Senior Event Manager. “It shows passion for the Boston Red Sox and reminds me of how loyal all New England fans are to our teams!”

Good Will Hunting:

"Good Will Hunting is by far my favorite Boston film,” Says Dianne Gillis, Accountant at DPI.  "I worked for someone at the time it was being filmed who knew both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. As Cambridge locals, both Matt and Ben wrote the script which made it that much more memorable to watch." Mai Miller, Event Manager, summarizes the movie with her favorite quote by Robin Williams’ character, "Your move, chief." Now, 20 years later, this Boston film is still beloved by audiences worldwide.

Manchester By The Sea:

"The Oscar nominated local film, Manchester By The Sea, I hold near and dear to my heart,” says Cara Pratt, Vice President of Business Development. “ This film takes place on the North Shore of Boston in a small fishing town, Gloucester, where I grew up! They actually filmed inside Pratty’s, my family owned local bar right on the waterfront. It's awesome to see Casey Affleck wearing a Pratty’s hoodie as his signature dress code in some of the bar scenes!”