Every year we look forward to the release of Pantone's color of the year and the creative ways we can bring the tone into our event designs.

This year’s color certainly doesn't disappoint; greenery is an excellent tone that can work as a solid base color or perfect accent color. We put our design and custom decor team to the test recently with a client request to bring a touch of Spring into their event during the chilly winter months in Boston. Combining the new color of the year and a theme that represents community, fresh air and greenery, we crafted a Traditional New England Farmers Market event design.


For the Farmer’s Market event we repurposed wooden pallets into a rustic backdrop, transformed a retired door into a roadside flower stand and brought in natural green elements for a grass roots feel - what could be more fitting? The challenge was to transform Parris Lounge Ned Devine’s venue in the famous Faneuil Hall, into a fun and festive marketplace that included fresh and authentic interactive stations.


Attendees were able to stop by the Hair Garland Booth to receive a stylish hair piece constructed of uniquely hand crafted florals. Under the direction of floral experts, the create-your-own centerpiece station allowed guests to use their own floral taste while learning techniques to make the arrangements pop. Guests then brought their arrangements to their tables to share with other guests - an amazing conversation starter and gift for the attendees!


A gardening element was introduced by having an organic gardening specialist connect with attendees on ways to blend natural ingredients with their food and beverages. Guests got their hands dirty in an accompanying herb garden where they learned about sustainable gardening. These interactive elements left lasting impressions on the event attendees while  truly bringing the Greeney Pantone color of the year to life!


all photographs captured by Studio B Photographers