Some of Our Favorite Event & Meeting Elements That Engage All Senses

Meeting and event design is evolving, and participant’s expectations are high. Our clients have been focusing heavily on how to make that shift from, traditional information-dump, all eyes on the stage to, focusing more on the participants and their exchange of ideas and experiences. DPI’s main goal is to steer our clients to success when it comes to brainstorming and creating these interactive experiences.

Attendees are looking to maximize their event and meeting experiences by interacting at different levels and going beyond traditional settings and engaging all senses. DPI has crafted creative ways attendees can utilize all their senses to leave the event feeling completely inspired.

Taste - Donut Leave Me Hanging!

 Photo: Julia Zhogina

Photo: Julia Zhogina

  Photo: Julia Zhogina

Photo: Julia Zhogina

You have 15 minutes to refresh, renew, and re-energize your attendees during your mid-morning conference break. While almost half of your guests will head straight for a cup coffee, why not pair that coffee with a specialized donut? Instead of presenting your snacks in a formal presentation, utilize a Donut Wall by hanging colorful donuts in a grid formation.  The Donut Wall is nothing but an eye-popping display of sugary goodness! Taking a familiar comfort food and displaying it in an unfamiliar way is genius! This is a great way to get people interacting. It is also a great social media sharing opportunity for your meeting’s hashtag!

Feel - Off the Wall With Excitement!


Have a signature cocktail or item you want to offer guests? We have custom built a giant Grass Serving Wall as a way to get people engaged on the receiving end and also wondering what’s happening on the other side. Is it magic, or is it the waitstaff ?

See - There’s No Place like Fenway

Daydreaming during a conference just became acceptable! Virtual reality is trending hard right now. Guests are transported to the Amazon rain forest, the depths of the Grand Canyon, or riding the world’s fastest roller-coaster all with the aid of some Oculus Rifts. Ready for a Boston twist? The Red Sox Showcase Pop-up truck has the ability to bring Red Sox baseball and Fenway Park right to your meeting or event! Suit up in Red Sox gear and virtually experience on-field batting practice, warm ups with the team, or hanging in the dugout with your favorite players-- your meeting just got better! This popup Fenway also offers real time batting cages, pitching stations, and steal 2nd challenge.

Smell - Tailor Your Scent

Fragrance is a personal statement. Imagine creating one of your own! Have guests learn the art of fragrance combination and take their sense of smell to to the next level. This is a fun way to get people sharing scents of their choice. Everyone leaves with a refreshing fragrance they can call their own!

Hear - Electrify the Party

Music is powerful and has the ability to move an audience in ways other senses simply can’t. We have found that sound is often first on our clients list when it comes to crafting an atmosphere for a memorable event. There are many ways to  introduce music to your event, however DPI has found ways to connect sound and engagement. We have created a great relationship with a local electric violinist, singer and electronic composer. Her music is truly electrifying.

Lasting Impressions - Be The Brand! 

Bringing in a Branded Tattoo Parlor to a conference is great way to break up the different sessions and get attendees engaging with the brand during breaks. DPI has created a modern industrial pop up station for a true tattoo experience. Attendees can step right up to the diamond plated metal bar and choose from all sorts of temporary tattoos hanging on the peg board display wall. Have brand ambassadors play the part and apply tattoos while guests sit in an authentic tattoo chair and leave with a mark. Talk about a brand experience!

Learning is multi-sensory, DPI will teach you the way!